Sunday, August 03, 2003

Interior Decorator, I Bought a New Couch

I decided I'd try my hand at interior decorating AKA I just bought a couch yesterday! Woo-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Please, join me in a brief but heartfelt victory dance. it's going to be great, I'll finally be able to have people over without saying, "please, make yourself comfortable. On the floor." It's a sectional couch with a queen sleeper in it (which is bigger than my regular bed), and it was pretty cheap, comparitively speaking. Also, it's awesome.

But no matter what people might say, the world of couch sales isn't as full of action and intrigue as is widely believed; the only guy manning the store was dead asleep on one of the couches when i came back upstairs from spending a half hour in the the lower showroom. I wasn't sure what the best way to wake up a couch salesman was (i dunno... maybe they're like bears and don't like to be startled or something. i didn't want to get mauled), so i just opted to throw a pen at his desk -- accidentally knocking a bunch of stuff over -- then made a lame joke asking him how he knows if people are stealing couches when he's asleep.

Whatever. New couch and I can add interior decorator on my resume. Hooray for me.