Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I Wear Glasses

Ugh, I'm such a dumbass. Anyone who knows me knows that I am completely blind, and that I seriously can't see jack shit without my glasses -- which were were constructed using lenses from the Hubble Space Telescope. Without my glasses, I can't even read the text on this screen without having to press my face up against the monitor.

So when I took my glasses off to clean them just now, I grabbed the wrong spray bottle from my desk and doused the lenses with Armor-All by accident. Now they're all blurry and streaky and shit, and the REAL spray bottle, the one filled with fucking GLASS CLEANER, can't do crap to fix it. Does Armor-All just go away after a while? I sure hope it does, because i like seeing things. This is not the first time i've done something like this by a long shot, either -- i once took a huge mouthful of Sea Breeze because i couldn't see that it wasn't Listerine, and I almost fucking died. I can still remember how bad it tasted, which if you're curious was "real bad."