Thursday, October 30, 2003

Aliens 3 Movie Review

Everything that anyone has said about this awful Aliens 3 movie is absolutely true.

I can't even believe I sat through this crap all the way to the end. I want my money back for sitting all the way through Aliens 3.

First of all, Aliens 3 is unbelievably gory, packed from beginning to end with excessive and gratuitous violence presented seemingly for its own sake. The movie's producer -- who has starred in numerous action movies -- seems to delight in near-pornographic displays of the graphic destruction of the human body. It seems as though this was the movie's entire objective, from start to finish!

Second, what is up with all the creepy religious overtones and imagery, especially at the end? I know this was a controversial thing with a lot of religious groups, and that a lot of people denounced the Aliens 3 movie before its release. It just all seemed out of place and awkwardly thrown together, a reflection of the producer's own God complex.

And finally, it's just a shitty movie! It's too darkly lit, you can't understand a god damn thing anyone is saying, and what could have been a decent narrative was squished flat by ham-handed editing and the producer's gargantuan ego. I can't believe i spent two hours of my life watching this crap.

Yes, "Aliens 3" is a train wreck from start to finish. I really need a more constructive way to spend my time... maybe I'll go see "the Passion" this week or something to wash this movie out of my brain.